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"Seamless Shipping, Global Connections: Your Cargo, Our Commitment!"

About Us

OTA America, Inc surely has resonated innovative and trustworthy influence throughout the world of logistic and freight forwarding industry for last decade. Especially during last 3 years of Pandemic when we lost a sense of time and space in numerous aspects of world trade, OTA America, Inc did not let go of our firm grip on a steer directing toward to being a leader of unwavering quality customer service in connection with technological innovation .  

OTA America, Inc is here about providing the quality service you can count on. We are always focusing on achieving a single goal of ensuring your goods arrive intact at where you need them to be – on time and every time. So if you want practical and yet best solution for your day-to-day or special project SCM (Supply Chain Management) requirements or are simply searching for an expert who can help reinforce your SCM backbone with technological acumen and salient diligence, contact OTA America, Inc. We will walk thru every step of your way to success.

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Our Services



Whether you require Full Container(FCL), Less than Container Load(LCL) or specialist services such as buyers consolidation, OTA builds on global alliance agreements with major shipping lines to apply the most cost effective solution possible with unlimited flexibility and formidable consistency.



OTA GROUP draws on preferred relationship with the leading airlines to guarantee time definite deliveries. The scale and scope of our airfreight service gives us the versatility to match your budget and schedule to airport or door, be it direct, consolidations.



OTA is committed to meet every customer’s demand in ground transportation management. By signing contracts directly with key carriers, we provide our customers with access to the most competitive transit times and rates. As well for the intermodal services, by signing contracts with top major carriers, our attention to customer service and dedication to performance provide significant benefits to your business – better transit, greater service reliability.



OTA is always in the right place to manage your warehousing and distribution requirements. OTA always apply a standard solution for each project and customer. The team of experts taken from both our logistics and international transport units analyzes inventories and customer demographics to create the right logistics solutions for your business.

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